SEND US YOUR GLASSES!  is an online order site designed to let you order lenses for your own frame!  Many of the big chains, online stores and opticals do not permit using your own frame.  The reasons for this vary but  welcomes recycling a frame, or simply allowing our customers the freedom to send their own frame.  We recognize that your valuable frame deserves a second chance!  When you place an order a pick up box with paid postage will be sent to your address.  We also have our own selection of  quality stylish frames. Take your pick! 
We make sending your prescription super easy!  Just  take a picture and upload!  If you don't have access to your paper prescription and it has not changed you can order with the "duplicate option".  We will copy the exact same prescription already on your lens!
A new lens starts at $89, shipping included! Our own selection of new frames start at only $99.  Our glasses are selected annually at the Jacob Javitz Eyewear convention and are chosen based on style, quality and durability.  The quality of many of our frames are on the same level as designer frames that cost hundreds!  With each purchase you can add features like, anti glare, polarization, a thinner lens, photochromatic (or transitions) and tints!  We strive to ship your glasses as soon as possible so you can have them within about 10 business days from the time we recieve them.  Feel free to call our customer service department with your questions at 347 254 1625
Yours Truly,
Josh Bismuth 
Licensed Optician and President


The Eyeglassclub and it's affiliated eyeglass lab successfully fabricates thousands of eyeglasses every single month.  Our goal is to turn around your order as quickly as possible with fantastic lenses. Breakages, damages and even lost glasses are very rare but do occur from time to time.  We can not completely eliminate this small risk. As a result we have made the following disclosures.  By sending your glasses you agree to the following disclosures and understand that in the event of any breakage, damage or loss, we will not be held financially responsible in any circumstance.

* If your frame is deemed to be in too poor condition to use we will send it back to you and give you the option to send another frame,  select a frame from our selection, or refund you ( less $5 for shipping back your old frame)

* If a breakage or damage occurs we will contact you via phone, give you the option to send another frame or offer a replacement from our own selection at no additional cost.  Our customer care team will offer you a choice of several glasses to choose from. This is our only customer satisfaction policy for damaged or broken frames. At no point will we be financially liable for any breakages, scratches,  missing studs or damage to your frame. 

* If we receive a frame that is not the same as the frame you indicated was shipped out, we will contact you via phone or email, and mail it back. You can authorize the Eyeglass club  to relense this frame via email.  The Eyeglassclub will at no point be financially responsible for any lost, or misplaced frames,  regardless of whether we made the error or not.

By mailing your glasses you are understanding and agreeing to these terms.